Cedar Grove Investments Services

Cedar Grove Investment Services

Cedar Grove Investments provides exceptional client services through our extensive team of analysts, consultants and traders. We are committed to the success of our clients and their portfolio growth. You can be assured of full access to our resources, timely communication and strategic execution to deliver the investment results you desire.

You will find below a summary of the services we offer, more details are available on request.

Pre-IPO Investing

Pre-IPO InvestingCedar Grove Investments allows clients to invest in pre-IPO opportunities in flexible and innovative private companies. Pre-IPOs are typically limited and require a large investment upfront, which means there are fewer shareholders, and most investors don’t have access to shares until the company goes public.

We connect retail investors with amazing pre-IPO investment opportunities. This is a big advantage to our retail clients, as they can invest in these rare opportunities before others.

The way we structure investments allows investors to purchase shares for a much lower dollar amount than usual. Once the company goes public, the shares are either liquidated or distributed among members, depending on the current market conditions or investment valuation.

These types of early investments can carry more risk. However, our team works extremely hard to discover the best investment opportunities with the least risk for clients. These unique opportunities provide clients with an edge, allowing them to invest in new, innovative, and flexible companies before anyone else.

Wealth Management

Wealth ManagementCedar Grove Investments has been in the financial and investment industry for a long time. Our time in the industry has provided us with vast experience in wealth creation and portfolio management, and we have developed a step by step process for our clients, regardless of their starting capital. Watching your wealth grow is a very rewarding experience, not only for your business but also for your family’s long term dreams and goals.

We take a very simple approach at Cedar Grove Investments. We look at your circumstances and establish a base level of capital you can afford to grow. Our team then creates a unique plan and begins to seek out opportunities that will enhance your quality of life, whether you’re a business owner, employee, or retiree. Building a portfolio with solid foundations is the correct way to approach wealth management, and these foundations must consider your goals, needs, and your stage in life.

Allowing Cedar Grove Investments to manage your wealth and, by extension, your future is a very big step – one that should not be taken lightly! We understand it can be difficult, which is why we like to show our clients what we can do for them before going full steam ahead. We typically do this by working with a small to medium-sized amount of capital, as it gives us the chance to prove our skills in growth and creation while at the same time helping to build your confidence in us. With Cedar Grove Investments, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a seasoned investor or a total beginner; our main objective is to grow, tend to, and protect your wealth so that we can achieve success together.

When it comes to investing there is no one size fits all approach. Every client receives a fully personalized consultation with our investment experts, where we discover more about you and come up with an investment strategy. This strategy will be unique and customize to your individual needs. Each plan has several small milestones to aim for so that you can get a taste of success at regular intervals.

Portfolios with Cedar Grove Investments are very diverse as your portfolio manager is fully exposed to the global financial markets. We have the tools and experience needed to make effective trades and investments in both local and international markets. Regular updates are provided by your portfolio manager to ensure targets are being met and exceeded. These updates can come in the form of daily, weekly, or monthly phone calls, emails, or face to face meetings. Cedar Grove Investments will always support you and keep you abreast of the latest developments, helping make your dreams a reality.

Portfolio Management Services

portfolio managementAt Cedar Grove Investments, we offer our clients a full portfolio management service that allows them to focus on the things that matter in life; their business and their family. Before we provide any financial advice, we first get to know as much as we can about each client, including their goals, needs, and expectations. This information lets us lay down the foundations upon which we can build out a full investment strategy that will meet these goals. The key benefit here is that each client receives a unique and customized plan that suits their specific needs.

Cedar Grove Investments is very proud to offer highly individualized portfolios. We’ve been in the industry for a long time, and we have worked with thousands of individuals. No two people are the same, and that goes for portfolios as well. Different amounts of starting capital, risk tolerance, and needs all determine which investments are right for you.

Cedar Grove Investments will never expose you to any unnecessary risk. We promise to keep you updated on your portfolio’s performance and to inform you of any exciting opportunities that may come up.

People make investments for all sorts of different reasons, including education funding, passive income streams, retirement funds, and capital growth. Depending on your goals, Cedar Grove Investments can help you achieve the best returns in the shortest amount of time.

We know that your circumstances in life can change, and that’s exactly why we regularly update our portfolio to match that. Our outstanding client support team will always keep you abreast of the latest developments, including any new and exciting investment opportunities that may arise.

Retirement Portfolios

Retirement ManagementHere at Cedar Grove Investments, we have created and managed countless retirement portfolios for our clients, helping them reach their retirement goals since 2008. We can help maximize your money by creating a sustainable investment portfolio, no matter if you’re already retired, are about to retire, or are considering an early retirement.

Your retirement finances can be bolstered by having a suitable asset mix made up of savings and a financial portfolio. This combination will produce an income that is certain to be a stable and important addition to your finances.

Typically people save for retirement their entire lives, only to find that their savings pot is not worth as much as they expected. Unfortunately, this is down to the rising rate of inflation, coupled with a decline in currency value. This combination catches many people out, as they do not have a sufficient understanding of inflation, fees, taxes, and interest rates. All of these things erode your finances by the time you come to retire.

Cedar Grove Investments’ retirement portfolio management service offers some insurance-like protection against inflation. Our financial experts may recommend dividend-paying investments to achieve this. Also, we have very competitive management fees, which will allow you to dip into your portfolio if you require emergency funds for unexpected expenses without having to pay high penalties.